Five Tips For Practicing The Drums Quietly

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If you are interested in learning to play the drums, one of the bigger concerns you might have would be the noise. Perhaps you live in a small home or apartment or you have close neighbors who don't like noise. Whatever the case may be, noise seems to be a top concern. Luckily, there are ways around this. Here are five tips to help you learn and practice the drums quietly:

  1. Take Lessons: One step you might want to take is signing up for lessons outside of your home. Private drum lessons are especially ideal if you are wanting to learn the drums quickly in a one-on-one setting. When you take lessons outside of your home, you don't have to worry about noise, since the lessons will take place in an environment suited for learning how to play. 
  2. Get Practice Pads: Practice pads are great not only because they reduce the noise, but also because they help you focus on more than just the sound of the drums. You can also focus on the way that you have control over the sticks, which helps with muscle memory. Muscle memory is important to ensuring that you know when you need to hit the drums when playing a certain rhythm. 
  3. Use a Light Touch: When you are practicing at home, you will want to develop a light touch technique. This also helps you gain better control and more muscle memory without the use of the pads. Of course, it might make a bit more noise than using the pads, but you will have a better idea of the sound so you can actually hear how well you are playing. 
  4. Use Practice Sticks: Instead of using heavier sticks when practicing, you can use practice sticks, which are much lighter and thinner to reduce the sound. This way, you can play the way you normally would without the sound emanating too loudly. 
  5. Buy a Drum Booth: Finally, you can consider investing in a drum booth, which is going to keep the sound enclosed. This allows you to play as loudly as you want, since you can rest assured that the sound will be absorbed and won't disturb neighbors or even your family as much. 

When you consider these five tips, you can easily learn to play the drums without the issue of sound being prominent reason not to learn what you want to learn.