Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your DJ

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If you have paid the money to hire a professional DJ for your event, you did so in order to ensure that you'd get great sound quality and a fantastic selection of tunes. It could be a bummer if you don't use your DJ effectively and end up with a less-than-perfect experience. Your DJ needs information about you, the types of guests attending your event, and the mood that you are trying to set. Here are some tips for making the most out of your DJ and making sure that he or she has all of the information that he or she needs.

1. Let Your DJ Know What You Need

First, you need to let your DJ know what you need. If you are having a party and just want people to be able to dance without interruption, let your DJ know that all you want him or her to do is play song after song. He or she doesn't need to think of clever introductions or bring props that go along with the songs. If you're having a wedding and you need your DJ to guide the action, such as announcing when the bride is going to throw her bouquet or the first song, then give him or her a list of all of the things that you want announced and the approximate time in the evening when you want them to be announced. This will allow your DJ to prepare.

2. Set the Request Mandate

Your DJ doesn't want to be the one to make the decision about whether or not he or she should take requests. You should be the one to decide that. If you don't want your DJ to be able to take requests, make that explicit and let your DJ know that he or she can tell wedding guests that you were the one that is making the decisions about requests. This will make your DJ's job easier and allow him or her to do a better job because he or she will have a built-in explanation for the request policy.

3. Make a Playlist

Finally, be sure that you make a playlist and give it to your DJ as early as possible. This will allow your DJ to get together the music that you're interested in, as well as get a feel for the types of music that you like. This will help your DJ create his or her own playlist in case your needs to be filled out. 

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