Nine Ideas To Make Your Work Party A Hit

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Whether your company is a large corporation, or a smaller entity, planning a work party can cause some headaches.  It may be difficult to think of activities that will be memorable for everyone.  These ideas can be used as individual attractions for a large company party, or the main event at a smaller gathering:

Go Karts

A little healthy competition can be great for building camaraderie with coworkers.  Take everyone to race it out at the go kart tracks, and include some fun amusement park foods like hot dogs and ice cream.  Your team will have a blast and feel like kids again.

Mini Golf

This idea is a fun competition for those who are a little less inclined to the need for speed.  To make it even more fun you could have prizes for those who win, those who get a hole-in-one, or those who keep all their shots under par.  Consider work-related prizes such as an extra hour for lunch.

Rock Climbing

If your team is a bit more adventurous, rock climbing could be for them.  There are companies that host parties, or you can have a climbing wall brought to your corporate event. 

Laser Tag

Laser tag is the perfect opportunity to get coworkers together who don't normally get to mingle much.  Divide workers into teams other than those they work with on a regular basis so that everyone can get to know each other a bit more.  This is a great chance to mix it up!

Nerf Gun Fight

This idea can be used whether your party is in the office, at a corporate event center, or even outdoors.  Purchase a toy gun for each individual, with some extra ammo.  Divide into teams, and play capture the flag with your guns.  This also leaves each employee with a fun souvenir afterwards.


Hiring entertainment to come to your corporate event can be a great idea as well.  Comedians, magicians, sketch artists, or acrobats can all be great attractions.  If your event is on a smaller scale, use this as the main attraction.  If your party is on the larger side, this can be just one of the fun things to see and do.

Outdoor Movie

If your event is in the summer, an outdoor movie and cookout is a great way to go.  This gives employees the chance to relax and mingle, but is more than just the standard "dinner and drinks" event.

Scavenger Hunt

Divide employees into teams, and give them clues to lead them to a grand prize.  This can be done across town or just within the confines of your workplace.  Make sure they have to work together to get to their end goal.

Double Dare Challenge

Give your employees a chance to show what they are made of!  Have predetermined challenges such as who can eat the most hamburgers in a minute, or who can build the tallest house of cards.  Employees can go head to head for prizes, and you'll get a lot of laughs out of this idea.

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