How To Properly Care For Your Pool Table

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If you own a pool table, you need to take proper care of it to ensure it stays in good shape. Neglecting your pool table can lead to the felt becoming damaged and other issues. This article will take you through the proper care of your pool table so you can continue to enjoy it for years to come.

Where to keep your pool table

Putting your pool table in the right spot can make all the difference to how long it stays in good condition. Place the pool table where you have enough clearance to comfortably play the game from all angles. You also want to keep it indoors where there is climate control. Setting it up in an outdoor patio or garage with no heat or air conditioning can lead to weather damage. Also, too much humidity can cause the felt to become damaged.

Tip: Don't put the pool table near stairs or there may be an accident from someone falling down the stairs while not paying attention to their footing. Placing it near windows puts your windows at risk of being accidentally broken.

How to maintain your pool table

Your pool table will come with a hand-held brush to clean it with. You want to brush the felt before each use. If you see any large particles on the table, remove them by hand. Otherwise, a sharp piece of debris can snag the felt. Make sure you use the brush to clean under the ridge as well. Brush the table using straight strokes and brush the dust into one of the pockets.

You can clean the pockets out using the hose end of your vacuum cleaner. Polish the wood around the table with a soft rag and a citrus based polishing oil. This will help remove contaminants from the wood from being transferred onto the felt.

How to clean up spills

If something gets spilled on the felt, you want to clean it up immediately. Use a clean rag and warm water to clean the spill. You want to dampen the rag and use it to dab up the spill. Do not use soap or other cleaners on the felt or you will be left with a stain. After you have dabbed up the spill, use a dry rag to blot the remaining moisture.

Tip: Do not use colored cloths to clean spills or it can change the color of the felt in that area.

A pool table is something you should be able to pass down to the next generation. By taking good care of your pool table, you can count on it to stay in good shape for many years. For more information on custom pool tables in Calgary, contact a local dealer.